Ask For Fix

Experience a robust cloud-based resident management tool to manage your property and tenants. AskForFix will allow your residents to create maintenance and other requests, pay rent and track their request through a friendly online interface from any device.

A powerful maintenance request engine which helps you assign track and resolve your resident’s request and manage your staff’s productivity as well as collect rent on time seamlessly. 

  • Powerful and intuitive Resident Maintenance Request engine
  • Manage Multiple Property and Tenants
  • Online Rent Payment
  • Move In/ Move Out Resident
  • Dash Board and Operational reporting
  • Ultra Fast setup and onboarding
  • Smart Integration




We take pride to offer completely customized and the highest quality Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that adhere to our client’s business processes, and are able to provide a competitive edge in the market.

Manufacturing ERP software is not all the same. Historical ERP software solutions involve painful implementation projects followed by challenging periodic updates often forcing companies to go years without updating their ERP system. Meanwhile, these same companies lose value day after day as new features and functions elude them, only implemented with the next painful ‘big bang’ upgrade.

Our ERP offer:

  • Business wide management, covering finance, supply, sales, customers and insight.
  • Simple to use.
  • Fully customized for both your business and individual users needs.
  • A real time view of data across a whole organization.
  • Advanced stock, materials, resource and process management.
  • Collaboration across locations with multiple sites.
  • Process workflow, automation and notifications to ensure efficiency and adherence.
  • Local support from our expert business partners to ensure you get the most out of your investment.
  • Powerful business intelligence to help make important business decisions quickly.


IntelliBiz is available in two versions; desktop (Intellibiz) and cloud/web based (eIntelliBiz). IntelliBiz/eIntelliBiz is the best product for Wholesalers and Distributors is a next generation of the most popular product “Trade Suite”. It is developed after experiencing the powers of trade suite. It addresses the needs of all kinds of general distributors of all kinds. In modern age of competition when companies like Unilever or P&G etc. are offering a complete structure of discounts and trade bonus and discount schemes, no other software other than IntelliBiz can claim to fulfill all kind of needs of any trade offers and discount/gifting schemes. Yet it is fully integrated, instantly updated and flexible software that makes people addict of its use.

How IntelliBiz/eIntelliBiz enables you to change the game

Wholesale distributors face increasing demands from customers and suppliers. IntelliBiz/eIntelliBiz enables distribution companies to better understand customer and supplier needs, grow the business, and differentiate from the competition. Companies can leverage insight and efficient execution to achieve profitable growth, improved cash flow and operational excellence.

What are the benefits

IntelliBiz/eIntelliBiz help companies achieve operations, profit, and cash flow excellence through:

  • Increased customer satisfaction, sales, and service efficiency & best resource use
  • Better processes for supplier collaboration, procurement processes and supply chain


The SPECULA, a wonderful product for health industry is a comprehensive and customized Hospital Management System. SPECULA is a powerful turnkey management solution that allows hospitals to setup and operate in and out-patient healthcare processing and management. HMS is fully customized with amazing capabilities. The product positions itself as one of the unique comprehensive and cost effective hospital management software solutions available today.


  • Modular design:
    Other than the basic modules, users will have choice to include optional modules depending upon the manpower and finance availability.
  • Relational Database:
    Microsoft SQL Server & Oracle are used at the back-end for the data management. The well known database management tools have powerful features for data management and administration, so to access the data efficiently.
  • It’s Flexible to user specified rule:
    Wherever it is possible, user will have the choice to select the right combination of rules, which is suitable to their organization.
  • Client/Server technology:
    Enhance the performance of the application.
  • Windows environment:
    SPECULA helps to maintain the valuable patient data for providing better information system. Also it insists on standardizing the workflow, patient flow and various activities, which enhance overall performance of the organization. Through Intranet services, management will have access of online information about key factors. Cataract surgical outcome monitoring system helps to assess the outcome of the service provided and also improve one’s competency.