Website (UX) and Front End Development (UI)


BueLogix hosts the usability and front end departments which both work closely to produce for our clients, the website designs of latest trends which contain the most efficient usability experiences. The designs which are recommended or developed from our experts help the visitors of the websites for increase uptake, reduce abandonment, minimize support calls, and improve brand recognition.

Our UX experts also work with you on web usability testing to give you confidence and direction as you launch or re-launch your website. Some of the usability factors that our experts test are as follows:

  • Is the website easy to use and easy to navigate?
  • Will users easily find information and complete their user journeys?
  • Will visitors enjoy the website, feel good about the brand, and recommend to others?

Usability Consultancy (UX)

BueLogix is honored to host the UX consultancy services for its clients where our usability experts do deep analysis on the basis of process models, audience type and latest trends and techniques to recommend the best possible designs.

Front End Development (UI)

Our front end development experts make the designs working which are recommended by UX experts. BueLogix teams of FE are highly skilled and have always achieved the expert level with the most recent tools and technologies to develop cross-device and cross-platform compatible web designs.

Usability Testing

Our UX experts provides extremely intense UX Testing Service which helps our clients to know if the process flows on their websites are capturing the critical human insight needed to confidently deliver what customers want AND expect. With this service, our clients can find and connect with the exact audience you need, capture and spotlight meaningful reactions and responses from the test subjects.

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