IT Business Analysis

IT Business Analysis

Whether it is a completely new business process automation or an improvement in an existing information system our expert Business Analysts at BueLogix take the complexity of identify business needs and determine innovative solutions to business problems. The solutions which we recommend also contain the optimized pathway for system development and/or integration components.


The Business Analysts at BueLogix use proven methods, tools, and techniques:

  • Work with Systems Analysts, business and end-users to understand business needs
  • Gather and develop current and future state business documentation
  • Model, abstract and simplify complex concepts so they can be understood by a variety of stakeholders
  • Elicit requirements and work with use case modeling, use case narratives, and user stories
  • Perform conceptual data modeling, functional specification modeling, and process modeling
  • Run facilitated sessions for requirements discovery, problem investigation, and/or to make group decisions

Enterprise Analysis and Stakeholders Identification

The expert Business Analysts at BueLogix Inc. takes this stage extremely serious because this is the foundation which is required to be set perfect. The Enterprise Analysis is a knowledge area which describes the Business analysis activities and high-level processes which cannot be laid perfect if the correct stakeholders are not identified.

Analysis of the domain and business processes

That is the business analysis stage when our specialists dive into your business processes in details and research the business processes in order to understand and to find the best solutions for workflow optimization and automation.

Clarifying of software requirements details

We are experts in finding the details of the requirements and rules for the processes to be optimized or automated. This is extremely important stage and is handled using special techniques to make sure that the requirements and rules are gathered and documented properly to make sure that in the end you get exactly what you required.

Requirements analysis

After the requirements are gathered, our BA’s are able to analyze them to suggest technologies and solutions suitable for your software expectations. Our specialists figuring out how the inner processes of the system should work and how the components will integrate and interact with each other.

Integration Points Analysis

The inhouse or 3rd party integrations are identified and then the most reliable technological solutions are researched to suggest the efficient working solutions

Prototyping & Wireframing

Based on the collection of requirements, rules, integration protocols and process flows, the prototypes and wireframes are designed to get our clients a glimpse of how the software will work. This also gives us a good confirmation of the correctness of rules and process flows to be developed thus verifications at this level saves from risks of going into the wrong path.

Performing Technical Analysis

The expert technical analysts and researchers at BueLogix researches on the workflows, prototypes, requirements and rules to make sure that the most appropriate technical approach is adopted by doing a deep technical analysis, design modules and databases.

Consultations throughout the project

The consultants at BueLogix Inc. consults the clients at any stage of development process: from gathering software requirements to the project release.

Technical and User Manuals

Our specialist technical writers write both the ‘how to set up’ and ‘user manuals’ which helps the users to understand the accurate descriptions and instructions on how to use the product.



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