Case Study : Content Processing Tool (ConTop) is saving more than $0.75 Million Dollars per year

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Firoz Publishers

Firoz Publishers sell content in the form of printed books and also on a digital platform. The content is mainly about engineering & technology researches.

The Challenge :

The content is received from multiple sources and in multiple raw formats. This content is then transformed into a specific standardized format that is inserted into the FMT (Files Management Tool); which then merged into CMT (Content Management Tool) where the quality of the content is finally tested and after formal approvals, it gets published.

The transformation of content into a standardized format is the backbone of all the operational processes followed by content quality. At the same time, the transformation process was a crucial, time consuming, and cumbersome process, for which a team of more than 20 staff was working to manually transform the raw content into a standardized format.

BueLogix was assigned a project to assess the current operational business processes, identify waste and gaps, and then suggest solutions to remove waste and improve current processes.

The Solution :

The experts at BueLogix analyzed the end to end business processes and suggested multiple sub-systems to improve the existing workflows. One of the suggested systems was about auto-transformation of the raw content to a standardized content format; which turned out to be one of the game-changers. The system was called ConTop and is currently in use by Firoz Publishers for the successful and quickest possible transformations of raw content files.

The specialized team of business analysts of BueLogix interviewed multiple stakeholders who were purely dealing in this transformation process. The rules to transform different types of raw files were identified based on which concrete and a reliable product got developed by our expert programmers. The transformation process became fully automated which reduced the respective expense drastically thus significantly save in revenue.

The development and successful implementation of ConTop empowered Firoz Publications with:

  • Reduced the content processing time by 700% along with the elimination of human errors.
  • The speed to publish content got increased by 600% thus the content started to be available for sales earlier in the market thus more profitability.
  • The content transformation team members have reduced by 75% thus a significant decrease in payroll.
  • The 75% of the team members who were no more required for the content transformation, were assigned to different other departments for speedy, quality, and better client services.

Brief on ConTop :

ConTop is an intranet (private) web application that intakes the raw content files of small to large sizes. The authorized users select multiple input parameters including source, file type, conversion type, and many others; the output parameters are also selected to set up the file types and formats of the processed files. After the input and output params are all set up, the ConTop engine processes the raw content file within seconds and spits out the processed output file(s) in the specified format.

Once the file is processed, the authorized publishing team members check the quality of the content in the output file. Moreover, if the processed output file passes the initial quality check then ConTop can also log a ticket within an integrated FMT for the detailed content quality check. Once the QC is passed in FMT then the content is pushed into the CMT for the senior editors to validate the authenticity and fine quality of the content and then publish it.

Easy to Use and an enjoyable UI :

Our experts at BueLogix have designed and developed ConTop in a way that its’ UI is self-explanatory. Any user with a little knowledge can operate in it with extreme ease. 

Integration and Audit :

ConTop is seamlessly integrated with FMT (Files Management Tool). However, the security of the data is also important so every transformation transaction is logged. Even if a ticket is created in FMT through ConTop, the user details are captured and logged electronically and in detail. Moreover, the architecture of ConTop ensures that only authorized users can access it.


Rules Documentation :

Before ConTop was developed and implemented, the transformation rules and observations on raw content files were mostly not documented and were all kept saved in the human minds of the respective staff, which is kind of a risk in a way that humans may do mistakes while transformation process. ConTop has documented the rules in an electronic dictionary within its database, after which these transformation rules can be searched anytime and by any authorized user; especially any new transformation staff member can learn about the rules in detail to understand the successful transformation criteria. Furthermore, in case of the updates in rules, the versioning has been developed so that all the previously transformed files can also be tracked.



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