Case Study : Tenant retention rate is Increased by 40% with a use of ASK FOR FIX – a product for Property Management Companies

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ASK FOR FIX - a digital SaaS B2B platform

ASK FOR FIX is a cloud-based property management software specifically designed and developed to fulfill the needs of the Property Management business; it facilitates the respective staff of the property management companies to efficiently manage the day to day operations. The property management companies improve efficiency and reduce cost with the most innovative property management software on the market, Ask for Fix. It also helps increase productivity and performance because it is an extremely intuitive solution with sophisticated technological advancements that make it easy to control and grow the property management business with more oversight.

The Challenge :

Ask for Fix was just a raw idea when BueLogix experts started working on it to nurture it further. It was a challenge to turn this great SaaS (Software as a Service) idea into a reality but it could not be done without acquiring expert knowledge, proper guidance from the experts of the specific niche, and thorough plans for design, development, and then go to market. Furthermore, Ask for Fix was intended to be developed to:

  • facilitate the residents so that they can log maintenance requests and pay bills online.
  • provide provision to the staff of the property management company so that the issues with the residents can be resolved as per the respective priority.
  • the billing is made automatic and transparent so that the statements can be checked online.

BueLogix was trusted and hired to groom the idea further; and then to develop efficient MVP and then taking the product out there in the market for testing with an effective go-to-market strategy.

Moreover, it was also planned that after the MVP starts traction of potential clients, the continuous improvement in functionalities will be built on top of MVP to make Ask for Fix a product that automates most of the day to day activities of the property management business.

The Solution :

The team of senior analysts at BueLogix started the discussion with the idea owners to understand the core concept and clear understanding of the desired application on a high-level. Once the idea is completely understood, HR looked to hire the consultants (mostly part-time) who are specialists in the property management domain. Moreover, it was decided to hire consultants from multiple states and provinces of the US and Canada to find out the possible differences between rules and practices geographically.

The consultants who were hired from multiple organizations and various areas were interviewed to understand the details of the operations of business processes. Furthermore, the main pain points of the multiple departments are also identified. All this information was documented, prioritized, and brought back to the idea owners to finalize the scope of MVP based on the severity of the pain points and the ROI.

After the scope for MVP is defined, the intermediate but expert team of Product Owners and Business Analysts of BueLogix started gathering the detailed requirements, technical analysis & design activities continuously were rolled out. The workflows, respective use cases, and prototypes were developed and upon sign-off from some of the high-performing consultants, the product owners started writing effective user stories, updating test cases, initiated the prioritization and estimation, etc. on an iterative basis so that extensive and recurrent planning for sprints, releases, epics, and themes can be done efficiently. The respective stakeholders were engaged on a daily, bi-weekly, and quarterly basis for multiple Agile ceremonies including daily stand-ups, sprint, and release reviews.

The scope of the MVP included:

  • a mobile app for the residents to log maintenance requests and pay the monthly bill.
  • a responsive web application that can be used on multiple types of machines with variant screen sizes including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The MVP development took almost 8 months since the Iteration 0; the two scrum teams structure was formed; with each team containing 7 members including a Scrum Master (also a DB expert to take care of root level database architecture and maintaining its’ high quality and performance), a Product Owner, a Front-End Developer (UI), a Mobile App Developer, 2 Full Stack Programmers, and 1 Tester. The project boards were shared with the respective scrum team members, and with the respective stakeholders to ensure that there must not be any silos at any level especially at a scrum team level.

Furthermore, each sprint of 2 weeks was divided between user stories to handle spikes (POC) for the upcoming features, development of new features, testing of the new development, and final merging into stage code. The iteration-H (release testing) was planned to be run after every 5 sprints so that all the work merged at staging environment during the last 5 sprints was end to end (regression) tested. After the stage sign-off, the complete code was deployed onto the production, thus a release on production was updating every quarter.

The successful development and implementation of Ask for Fix empowered the property management companies with:

  • extreme satisfaction of residents as they can now not only log the maintenance requests online but can also see the progress on their requests, thus the increase in the resident retention rate of 40% has been observed for the property management companies which are using Ask for Fix.
  • the real-time email notifications and the detailed insight of the most recent statuses of multiple initiatives have made the life of the property management staff a lot easier.
  • the dashboard, as well as detailed reports views, are just a few clicks away which has helped the management in not only taking timely decisions but also do effective future planning based on the factual figures.

Brief on Ask for Fix:

Ask for Fix is a SaaS, B2B, and cloud-based application/tools to streamline the property management business to reduce costs and increase profitability. The application is carefully designed by the UX/UI experts that it is easy-to-use and contains interactive process flows that are available for full use in web app; however, the mobile app is also available but for residents only at this point of time.

Ask for Fix reduces the complexity with fewer steps to manage operations across the entire portfolio so that the property management companies will increase in efficiency exponentially. Ask for Fix offers extensive customization allowing you to focus on the important aspects of managing the day-to-day operations from one screen.

Maintenance Request Management :
The residents can log the maintenance requests from any device either through the web or a mobile app; both options are available for residents. Each maintenance request once logged, is notified to the respective supervisor and/or property manager through email. One or more tasks can be created within each maintenance request. The photos of the problem areas can be attached along with each task. Moreover, each task can be assigned to a different contractor or staff member for the fixes. The property management staff can also log expenses against fixes of each task; whereas against each expense, the amount borne by property management and the amount borne by the resident can also be recorded for the billing purposes. The statuses (work progress) are maintained at each task level as well as a maintenance request level.
Move-In and Move-Out Processes :
The extreme power of Ask for Fix is that it facilitates multiple types of housing. e.g. Residential, Condominiums, Student Living, etc. A facility in Ask for Fix of handling a rental space on a shared basis along with separate billing for each shared resident makes it a choice of many property managers/owners who deal with these respective complex housing types like student living etc. Ask for Fix has made their lives easy. The booking, move-in, setting up of move-out notification, and move-out is handled so easily that these processes don’t look complex while using Ask for Fix.
Automated Billing :
On the 1st of every month, the scheduled job runs, which generates the monthly invoices based on previous balances, rental, amenities fee, penalties, expenses of fixes (if applicable), etc. Once the invoices are generated, the respective property managers and supervisors are notified through email. As soon as the generated invoices are checked and posted, the accounts of the residents are updated and the respective residents are notified for the payments through email.
Online Payments :

Ask for Fix provides provision for multiple payment modes including:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) / Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

The residents can also pay over the Ask for Fix mobile app but using credit or visa-debit cards only. If the ACH or PAD is set up for a resident then as soon as the invoice is posted, not only the resident is notified but the 3rd party ACH/PAD processing gateway is also notified to deduct the specific amount out of the resident’s bank account and deposit in the property management company’s bank account. ACH/PAD is processed with literally NO click; thus, it is in-expensive and hassle-free, so it is getting very popular in the property management business nowadays.

Integration with 3rd Party Accounting & Financial Software :

Ask for Fix is developed on an open API concept so it can be completely compatible for integration with any 3rd party accounting and/or financial software provided the 3rd party software also provides open APIs or public web services for integration. Currently, Ask for Fix is successfully integrated and fully compatible with Quick Books.

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